Friday, November 2, 2007

Pasco County Public Transportation (PCPT)

Our county's own public transportation system is a useful service available to everyone, but two services they offer are especially unique. One is the Paratransit Service.

"Door-to-door advance reservation service is provided throughout the County to those persons unable to access transit service because of a disability or distance from a route. Persons residing within 3/4 mile of a route are required to use transit. However, persons may apply for paratransit when they have a verifiable disability preventing them from transit use" (From the PCPT webpage).

Another service provided through PCPT is the Emergency Ride Home Program through the Bay Area Commuter Services. If you commute at least two days per week through options other than driving, you can qualifty for up to "eight free taxi rides home each year in case of personal illness, family emergency or unexpected overtime" (PCPT webpage).

For more information, visit the PCPT webpage or call PCPT at (727) 834-3322 ** (352) 521-4587 ** (813) 235-6073.

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