Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Websites to save you money!

Feeling the pinch of rising gas and food prices? I'm sure we are all cutting back in one way or another to cut down on expenses and save a little money. Here are a couple of websites that can help you do that:

The Dollar Stretcher http://www.stretcher.com/index.cfm

This website offers tips on ways to save money on everything from taxes to food recipes. Advice is given both from the community at large and from experts in the field.

A good personal finance website is Bankrate.com http://www.bankrate.com/

Bankrate provides one stop shopping for financial rate information on everything from mortgages and CD's to checking accounts and credit cards. One will also find articles on personal finance and handy rate calculators for determining payments and interest rates for auto loans, credit cards, etc. Tax advice is given as well as advice on debt management.

Check these sites out. You might find some information that will save some greenbacks.

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