Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Youth and Family Alternatives Inc.

Youth and Family Alternatives is an organization that helps troubled youths and their families. They have locations throughout the Suncoast Region that offer different kinds of programs. The organization's website states that Youth and Family Alternatives is a "a leading provider of community-based care service and services to truant, runaway and ungovernable youth and their families in west central Florida." They offer substance abuse prevention and intervention service, community-based care services, runaway/youth crisis services and family counseling. Locations are available in east and west Pasco County. Services vary by location. Examples of their programs include: CASA (Child Adolescent Substance Abuse), a substance abuse intervention program designed to provide counseling services to youth ages 8 through 17 who are at risk of substance abuse and for youth who may already be experimenting with substances, the Parenting Program, which provides in-home validation services for parenting skills as well as monitoring of reunifications through a parenting coordinator who is referred to validate parenting classes taken through various approved parenting programs, and Youth Crisis Shelters, short term shelters that aid runaways and other youth who need a temporary place to stay. These are just a sampling of the programs administered by Youth and Family Alternatives. To gain more information about Youth and Family Alternatives click on the link to their website under "Community/Social Organizations."

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