Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elmer's Genealogy Library

There's a really unique library a couple of hours from Pasco up in Madison, Florida called Elmer's Genealogy Library. If you are researching your family tree, are at a crossroads, or just need a little assistance to get started, they may be able to help you. They will do research for you either online or in person. There is a charge though-$40/hour for non-members, $20 for members. Check out their website: http://www.elmerslibrary.com/index.php

Researching your family history is a fun and rewarding activity but can also be a daunting task. It's nice to know that we have places like Elmer's to help us when we need it.

Don't forget that locally, we have resources too. There is the genealogy collection housed at the Hugh Embry Library in Dade City. Other resources can be obtained by contacting the West Pasco Historical Society. Click on the icon under History/Genealogy, to view their website.

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